FAQs – Wolfe Investments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount varies for each acquisition, but is typically $25,000 to $50,000 per investment offering.

How often do you make distributions? When will I get a check?

We aim for quarterly distributions – often beginning the first quarter after takeover. These properties are businesses, so the distribution amounts will vary from quarter to quarter. Timing of the first distribution will also vary for each acquisition and will be discussed when a specific asset is on the table. 

Will there be any ramifications to my personal taxes?

You will receive a K-1 from the entity you are invested in, with the exception of hard money loans. There are tax benefits to holding real estate, but please talk to your CPA to see how it might impact you. 

What are the typical returns for investors?

There are three main types of returns from real estate; cash flow, principal pay-down, and appreciation. These returns will vary from property to property, so, please, contact us for more specific information regarding total returns. 

Can I use my IRA to invest?

Yes, you can use your self-directed IRA or solo 401(k) to invest in our offerings. Contact your CPA to learn the details. 

How can I view your current offerings?

Due to SEC regulations, we are unable to publicly list or advertise our current offerings. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming an investor.