24 Mar
don't panic text with surgical mask

Real Estate Investing Amid Corona Virus, A letter from the CEO

Dear Fellow Investors,  First, I hope all of you are being healthy, wealthy, and wise after what’s unfolded these past few weeks with COVID-19 (Corona virus).  Our team at Wolfe Investments is doing well, and we are continuing to do our part to keep our country’s great economy going.  We are in constant communication with […]

17 Dec
businessman relaxing while passive income flows in

Passive Income through Real Estate Investing

What is Passive Income? Imagine returning home from a week-long vacation with your family and going to check your mailbox. The mail carrier has jammed the box full of catalogs, flyers, and bills – you know, the usual stuff. Then, you see something exciting – a check! You’ve just earned money while on vacation! That’s […]